Play Present is a Peak Performance Training Firm. We make complex peak performance principles easily accessible and actionable through our mental skills training programs.

We develop programs and systems to help people unlock their true potential. We understand what it takes to move from surviving to thriving. We have over 2 decades of combined experience studying the psychology and mindset of peak performers.

People who have gone through the Play Present Programs have seen major changes in their lives. The major benefits include:

1. Supreme Confidence in your abilities: When you train with Play Present, you will find the secret to supreme, lasting confidence no matter what situation you are in.

2. Laser-Like Focus on the task at hand: You will see the pathway to your purpose and stay locked-in on the process.

3. Relentless, Unshakable Determination: Your motivation will reach all time highs as you learn the truth behind success and achievement.

Corporate Training Programs

Peak Performance for your company requires high levels of motivation and drive in the workplace. Many companies like hiring athletes because they can handle pressure, they are driven, and they can take criticism. You want employees with a mindset that can perform under pressure. We train athletes on how to develop that mindset

Athlete Training Programs

The Game is 80% Mental…are you training? You have a great skill development program and your athletes are training their bodies to succeed, but are you giving them what they need mentally? Don’t leave their performance to chance. Train their minds so they can unlock their abilities when they need them the most.

“The biggest difference maker between good and great is your mindset. In the NBA everyone has the talent and physical skills to succeed. The ones who choose to train their mind create an advantage over their opponent. If you are serious about reaching your potential you need to start training with Play Present today.”

– Aaron Gordon, Orlando Magic


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