What We Do

What We do

Training Minds Using The Science Behind Success – Sports Psychology

How We do it

Creating Systems to help you implement the training – Behavioral Psychology

Why it works

Understanding The science of how the brain functions – Neuroscience

The Play Present Team

We are dedicated to preparing an athlete mentally for any challenge they might face on the court and off. With the right mindset, and preparation you can not only survive, but thrive under the pressure while others crumble around you.

Andrew Zimmermann CEO/CoFounder

Andrew has a background studying human behavior and peak performance. He studies patterns of success and focuses on understanding the underlying psychology of elite performers. He then uses the most current scientific research to create programs for behavior change that work in-real-life to help everyone reach levels not thought possible. He translates what we KNOW we should do into systems that take care of the how. He operates from a base of understanding as an elite athlete at Stanford University as well as a 2 Time Academic All-Conference Member. It was the understanding of Human Behavior and Psychology that allowed him to set up systems that led to his own success.

Andrew has studied and learned from the best performance and behavioral psychologists in the world including Dr. BJ Fogg, Dr. Carol Dweck, and Dr. Edward Deci and is an active member of the Stanford Behavior Design Lab

Graham Betchart Director of Mental Skills Training/CoFounder

Graham is an internationally recognized mental strength and conditioning coach for basketball players. Graham is passionate about helping players reach their full potential by creating and maintaining a mindset for success.  He believes the mind can be trained like the body.  With over 10 years of mental skills training, Graham has trained basketball players and teams of all levels.

Graham has coached in China, Switzerland, and throughout the Caribbean.  His current work includes working with four first round draft picks in the 2014 NBA draft including #1 pick Andrew Wiggins, #4 pick Aaron Gordon, #6 pick Marcus Smart, and #13 pick Zack Lavine.  Graham has been working with the NBA Players Association for the last five years and is a sought after motivational speaker for companies and schools.

Through his work with Play Present, he is continually developing new and innovative ways to train train clients as their needs expand working the latest science involved with mental training.

Mike Franco Director of Social Media

Mike is currently pursuing his master’s degree in Sports Psychology. He believes mental training can enhance a players ability to reach their potential both on and off the court. His passion is to help athletes develop a mental skillset that they can use in competition and in life. He is continuously looking for creative ways to reach athletes and has been instrumental in leveraging social media to reach a broader audience with the tools and techniques established by Play Present. He is also hosting the Play Present Podcast; pushing content to larger audiences through a multimedia approach.


Adonal Foyle 13 yr NBA Veteran

Adonal is a retired veteran NBA player, who was the eighth overall NBA draft pick in 1997. He played a total of 13 NBA seasons, the first ten with the Golden State Warriors and last three with the Orlando Magic. Upon his retirement from playing professional basketball, Adonal served for 2 NBA seasons with the Orlando Magic as their Director of Player Development. Adonal currently operates two consulting practices – Foyle Consulting and Foyle Sports Performance. He is also the Founder & President of Kerosene Lamp Foundation and Democracy Matters.

What people are saying about Play Present

“I have been training with Play Present since I was 13. Play Present doesn’t just tell you to focus, they tell you what you need to focus on to be at your best. I now understand how to improve the mental aspect of my game which gives me the upper hand and makes me much tougher to guard on the court”
— Aaron Gordon – Orlando Magic

“I know that mindset is what makes the difference in the NBA. I feel like I have a great foundation after training with Graham and Play Present”
— Zach LaVine – Minnesota Timberwolves

“Mental skills are one of the most underrated aspects of basketball and something you cannot change overnight. I am a huge believer in preparing your mind to play and Graham has continually given our team the necessary tools to improve our mental skills throughout the season. His programs and workshops are effective immediately but require a total commitment for continued growth and success. I would highly recommend Graham for any program looking to strengthen their players’ mental skills.”
— Tim Kennedy – Head Coach, Archbishop Mitty High School