The Art and Science of Execution


When it comes to being successful in many avenues of our lives, we know what we should do and what we need to do, but often those things are hard to do day in and day out. The more I study top performers, it becomes clear that consistency in execution is key. I am probably telling you something you already … Read More

80% of Success is Mental: Are You Training?


Michael Jordan is quoted as saying 80% of the game is mental. He didn’t say 80% of the game is skill. He didn’t even say 80% of the game is physical. Why would arguably the best player to ever grace the basketball court make this statement?

When you look at Michael Jordan or any of the other all-time greats, what you find is that it wasn’t their skill or physical ability that separated them (although it didn’t hurt) it was their “mental toughness” or “competitive fire” or “drive for greatness”

The 7 Invaluable Lessons I have Learned Over 27 Years

Sitting on top of the world

I turn 27 today which means I have fully completed 27 years of life on this planet and begin my 28th. Most people don’t highlight their 27th birthday. Often you see what I wish I knew in my twenties or what do I need to know in my thirties, but today, I felt an overwhelming drive to share the most … Read More

Mental Hacks for Productivity and Peak Performance in the Workplace

Almost everyone is looking for the edge that can separate them from the pack. We want that one thing that shows we are right for the job in a pool of hundreds of applicants. We want the silver bullet that puts our sales pitch above the rest. When it comes to peak performance, my silver bullet comes in the from … Read More