Peak Performance Training Programs

Play Present trains minds for peak performance. Our Programs have been developed through decades of working with elite athletes. Many companies have voiced interest in hiring athletes due to their mindset and work ethic. Often these skills translate over to the work place and help athletes excel in competitive work environments. We have trained athletes to develop the right mindset and the principles and programs are translatable to the workplace. If you have a purpose and you are feeling the pressure to win, we have a pathway for you to achieve what you have set out to do.

“Its a pleasure to see Graham work with the mind, with the same intensity that most people work with the physical body. His passion and
 drive convince the untrained mind 
to become a powerful weapon for change. Graham convinces me of the power of my mind and I can safely say that because of him, I am certain of the importance of mental training.”

Adonal Foyle, Author, Entrepreneur, Community Outreach for the Golden State Warriors

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Intro Seminar

Get an introduction to the Play Present Principles of Peak Performance. We make complex peak performance principles easily accessible in this short presentation and give you actionable steps to implement them into your company.

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Half Day Workshop

Learn the principles of peak performance in this half day workshop. We know that Awareness Activates your Ability and Experience Evolves your Understanding. In this half day workshop you will learn the principles as well as be led through several exercises so you can experience the principles in action. With experience comes a deeper understanding that will stick long after you leave the workshop.

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Full Day Workshop

Learn the principles of peak performance in this full day workshop. Awareness Activates your Ability, Experience Evolves your Understanding, and Repetition leads to Retention. In the full day workshop, we will present the 12 principles of peak performance and raise your awareness of how they affect your work on a daily basis. Then we will lead you through exercises so you can experience the principles to increase your understanding. Finally, we will teach you how to implement these principles into every aspect of your corporate culture. The repeated exposure will lead to lasting retention and a change in your corporate culture.

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Off-Site Performance Retreat

Take your team to the next level with an off-site retreat focused on getting your team to the next level. Often, it isn't our skills and abilities that limit us but our mindset. Allow us to design a program that loosens the limiting beliefs that are holding you and your team back. We offer our seminar, half day, and full day options as well as two day retreat option. The new environment and added attention will be a spark to drive meaningful change and engagement long after the event.

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Custom Program

Can't find something that fits your needs? Contact us and we can work together to create a program specifically tailored for what you are going through. We want to create a solution that helps your company reach their full potential.

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