I have been training with Play Present since I was 13. Play Present doesn’t just tell you to focus, they tell you what you need to focus on to be at your best. I now understand how to improve the mental aspect of my game which gives me the upper hand and makes me much tougher to guard on the courtAaron Gordon, Orlando Magic
I know that mindset is what makes the difference in the NBA. I feel like I have a great foundation after training with Graham and Play PresentZach LaVine, Minnesota Timberwolves
After working with Play Present, I now know that I am the only one who can stop me.Marcus Smart, Boston Celtics
I had worked with a team psychologist with the Lakers for three years who I loved and Graham showed our team exercises and mental, emotional, and psychological training that was incredibly effective and which was new material I had not seen.Mark Madsen, Assistant Coach Los Angeles Lakers
Graham’s approach to mental training has had a profound impact on how I approach my training, how I approach the game and how I approach my life. He is a master at his craft and an invaluable resource.Alan Stein, Strength and Conditioning Coach - Stronger Team
Graham Betchart has the unique ability to help elite athletes to make the connection between their brain, body, and personal objectives. Graham is a star and that is why he is a fixture at the NBAPA Top 100 Camp.Tim Mccormick, NBA Players Association
Its a pleasure to see Graham work with the mind, with the same intensity that most people work with the physical body. His passion and
 drive convince the untrained mind 
to become a powerful weapon for change. He makes mental training available to all basketball players
 who want to get to the next level. Graham convinces me of the power of my mind and I can safely say that because of him, I am certain of the importance of mental training.Adonal Foyle, All-Time Shot Blocking Leader Golden State Warriors
Mental skills are one of the most underrated aspects of basketball and something you cannot change overnight. I am a huge believer in preparing your mind to play and Graham has continually given our team the necessary tools to improve our mental skills throughout the season. His programs and workshops are effective immediately but require a total commitment for continued growth and success. I would highly recommend Graham for any program looking to strengthen their players’ mental skills.Tim Kennedy, Head Coach - Archbishop Mitty High School